At BRC, we believe that your preferences are the most important component in the success of any project. The entire project is built on your needs. We perform an assessment, make recommendations, and develop a project plan with you. All goals, tasks, and expectations are clear. BRC will guide you every step of the way. We wish to become the safety net you need to make the journey.

When you have a need, think BRC. We want to find out what keeps you up at night and how we can help you get more sleep. Let’s start with the easy wins and then, having momentum and confidence, move toward healing your woes to a manageable, daily routine.

  • Discussion of Your Needs
  • Proposal and Planning
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation of Solutions
  • Results!
  • Support

Payer Contract Management Software
We help organizations to find the right payer contract management software solution

We help organizations adapt processes to the chosen software

Contract Management

A properly implemented Payor Contract Management System can make or break a hospital or medical group. This is the heart and soul of what BRC does. We work to help providers set up the system to monitor correct payments and to negotiate better contracts.

Products BRC supports include

  • Epic
  • NTT
  • Payment Integrity Compass® - PIC;
  • Contact Us For More

Special Projects

We know you have special needs from time to time. We help with interim, one-time, and ongoing special data projects.

Epic Clarity Reports

Information is power. Most organizations have needs beyond vendor-standard reports. Customized, unique reports help your organization obtain the actionable information needed to make better decisions and manage operations.

  • Hospital Billing Underpayments
  • Professional Billing Reports
  • Expected vs. Actual Reimbursement

When the vendor sells you chocolate chip cookies when you really wanted brownies

      • How to get the most out of your software investment.
      • Make your processes and software work for your organization to their fullest capacity.
      • We help you evaluate the design, build and execution of resources to achieve your goals and needs.
      • Find and eliminate the bottlenecks
      • Automate manual processes to the best workflow rules

Technical Support
Remote or onsite software support

Payer Contract Management System Support

We will serve as ongoing remote support or serve as interim staff and help new staff to take over the simple tasks while we continue to support the more technically challenging tasks until the new staff is ready to take them on.

  • Set up and maintain regulatory contracts for Medicare, Managed Care, Medicaid, Tricare
  • Commercial or Silent PPO
  • Contract Coding to maintain rates
  • Negotiation support and What if Scenarios for Rate Modeling
  • Help with a difficult term or contract
  • Interim staff to maintain contracts
  • Conversion to other systems

Software Technical Support

  • Table Maintenance
  • System monitoring for Ascent®
  • Interface troubleshooting
  • Archiving

Report Writing and Data Mining
When converting to a new database, we help you with migrating the data and making sure it is correct

Report Writing Support

  • Write adhoc reports as needed
  • Crystal or SQL Report conversions to new databases
  • Epic Clarity Resolute reporting

Data Mining

  • Payor Report Card
  • PHIS-NACHRI file submission
  • Regulatory Extracts properly formatted

Data Conversions

  • Data Restoration
  • Data Backloads
  • Conversion to new system

Revenue Recovery
On a contingency basis, we help hospitals and clinics locate millions of dollars in underpayments and denials. We identify accounts that are paid incorrectly and establish accurate contract rates and reporting. We can recover or assist inhouse staff to recover lost revenue.

  • $800,000 in six months for a single facility
  • Recoup $2 million annually for 200 bed hospital
  • Identify accounts for your organization to follow up or recover for you

Flexible remote or onsite training

Whether your staff needs to start with the basics or have an advanced refresher, BRC is flexible to accommodate their level of understanding and goals.

  • Crystal Reports
  • SQL Reporting
  • Contract coding
    • Epic
    • Payment Integrity Compass® - PIC
    • Contact Us For More

"I truly value people like Lori because she encourages others to grow and expand their knowledge and skillset.  Her expertise is a trusted source of information.  She is such an amazing person to work with.  I wish there were more just like her. BRC, you are very much appreciated!"

Trina Purvis - Dayton Children's Hospital

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